The Providence’s Jazz scene is thriving thanks to places like the Prince Hall Masons of Rhode Island’s ACACIA CLUB. Playing Wednesdays, 8pm- 11:00 pm is LELAND BAKER & FRIENDS.

Saxophonist Leland Baker is making a name for himself in the Providence Jazz scene. November 5th marked the one year anniversary of Jazz Wednesday at the Acacia Club.

The series began with Randy Ash, fellow sax player based in RI and Florida (during the winter). Jazz at the Acacia Club began with the series Randy Ash called Ash’s Wednesdays with the folks at the Acacia Club.
He approached Leland to put together a band and the rest as they say is history.

Newly renovated, the Acacia Club has been packing them on Jazx Wednesdays, says Prince Reid, Grandmaster of the Rhode Island Prince Hall Masons.

Keeping the party going through the weekend with Throwback Thursdays and Deejays Kyman, and DJ RSON on Friday and Saturday night. Both play classic R&B and Hip Hop. There is a $5 cover on Thursday and Friday. Hours of operation are 10:00-1:45 am, until 12:00 on Thursdays.