The Providence City Council Committee renamed a nearly 2- mile stretch of road from the Thurbers Avenue exit on Eddy Street to  Eddy and Public Street. The ceremonial street change is significant, said Grand Worshipful Master, Prince Reid, Jr. because the Prince Hall Masons of Rhode Island Jurisdiction has resided on Eddy Street since the Chapter was established.

“For every child who will drive down this street and see the name “Prince Hall Masons Way” that the oldest African-American fraternal organization existed. This sign will serve as a physical reminder of the men who served this community.

The Resolution to be under consideration by the Committee on Urban Redevelopment, Renewal & Planning on Wednesday, May 8, at 5:30  P.M.

Eddy Street is not the first street in the Capital City to be named in honor of a notable African Americans. A College Hill street was changed from  “Magee” to “Bannister” in 2017’. It was named by Edward and Christiana Bannister, two prominent black activists in the 19th century, lived on adjoining Benevolent Street. Councilman Luis Aponte introduced the motion to rename the stretch of road in February of 2019.

Final approval is pending the May 16th City Council meeting. If approved, Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza will need to sign for final approval.  

A street signing ceremony is slated for June 8.